Sinhgad Student Council

Marketing Club

Proposed activities for Marketing Club till June 2014

Activity 1
Campaign Connect
(Learning through Promotional Campaign)

  1. Identify a company running promotional campaign (Example TV commercial, Print ads, Sales Promotion, etc) and preparing a presentation based on the same.
  2. Students are expected to promote their presentation in various institutes of Vadgaon / Ambegaon campus (Example by designing a poster, invitation, banners, flyers, using social media)
  3. Presenting in front of students & Guest from Corporate
  4. Group of maximum 10 students
  5. Total time for activity – 60 minutes (30 minutes for presentation followed by 30 minutes of discussion and guest's feedback )
  6. Free participation for club members. Students who are not part of the club can participate by paying a fee of Rs. 20 each
  7. Control measures in-built (e.g. pre-presentation screening of contents by faculty)
  8. Frequency of activity - once in a month

Activity 2
Film Activity For Knowledge Enhancement
(Movie Screening & Group Discussion)

  1. Club members are expected to shortlist a film which can be shown to the students for duration of approximately 45 to 60 minutes
  2. The film can be a biography of a famous marketing personality, a branding case or a topic specific film.
  3. The screening will be followed by 30 minutes discussion on various relevant aspects.
  4. Frequency of the activity : once in a month
  5. Snacks to be offered to the students during the activity.