Sinhgad Student Council

Research Club

Considering the fact that we are almost about to end of first semester and almost all students had finalized their project work the research group proposes two major activities. These encompasses two major activities to be projected by research club specifically project and publication.

Research Club Faculty Members

  • Tulsidas Patil(NBN SSOE)

  • Mrs. Supriya Unavane(SCOP)

  • N. P. Kulkarni(SKN COE)

  • M. P. Wamkhade(SCOE)

  • G.T. Chavan(SCOE)
  • Achala Deshmukh(SCOE)

  • Amelia M. Avachat (SCOP)

  • Satish Pawar (SIOM)

  • Gaurav Shrivastav (SCOS)

  • Kalpana Joshi (SCOE)

Plan of Activities - Academic Year 2013-2014

  • Project Competition for Final Year Projects of the following disciplines
    1. Diploma
    2. Engineering Undergraduate
    3. Engineering Post graduate
    4. Science/ Pharmacy Projects
    5. Management

  • National Level Conference for inter disciplinary research work
    1. Strictly for research papers
    2. Target participations are PG students (final year) and Ph. D. research scholars
    3. Target audiences are final year UG students and first year PG students.
    4. Winners and runner up of 'Project Competition' get free and direct participation to the paper presentation at the conference
    5. Finalization of the theme of the conference and deciding personal for key note address.