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Student Welfare Club

We look after the welfare of the students in the college. It coordinates the orientation prgrammes for new students for each intake and helps them to settle into the college environment.

New students are briefed matters pertaining to their programmes/ courses, fees, accommodation and the rules and regulations of the college. They are also advised on personal safety and security matters.

Counseling services on academic and non-academic matters are also available to all students. For this purpose, the college has a mentorship programme to assist students to improve their academic performance, to counsel, provide support, to advise and assist problem students to face up to and overcome their problems.
Each teaching faculty will usually have 15 to 20 mentees under their supervision and each student will be assigned a Mentor/ Academic Advisor throughout his/ her study at MMMC.


  • Provide academic counseling
  • Give personal and professional guidance
  • Support extra-curricular and welfare activities of the students
  • Arrange remedial measures for students who are at the risk of failure
  • Identify those with learning difficulties and personal problems

Students who have settled into the programme benefit from the Mentorship Scheme, as it will provide:

  • Encouragement to their learning process.
  • Guidance to improve their academic performance.
  • Advice on regularly attending classes and actively participating in group activities.
  • Suggestions on how to maximize and focus their academic endeavors.

All bonafide students of the college are provided with free Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance which covers up to RM30,000/- per annum. It provides a 24-hour, worldwide coverage against illness, accidental and or injury resulting from various stipulated causes.

Extra Curricular Activities:
Students can expect to benefit from a holistic learning environment at the college. There are student activities to enrich the social, cultural and sporting interest of students. All students are welcome to join the MMMC Student Council activites as they enable them to broaden their horizons through the exchange of experiences among the student community at the college.

Personality Development/ Stress Management:
Special programs and lectures are arranged from time to time for the personality development of post-graduate students. Several competitions like elocution, debate, essay writing, etc. are also organized.

Computer Facilities:
The Institute has well-developed computer facilities. Every student has access to computer and internet for academic matters.

Campus Interviews:
Private companies related to fisheries industry are encouraged from time to time for conducting campus interviews of the postgraduate students. Various companies provide competitive job opportunities to the young graduates.

Welfare of students is an important part of this Institution.
It broadly covers their physical. mental, social cultural and spiritual well being. Students needs will be met by providing the following facilities :

  • Students Health Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Student Nurses Activities
  • Educational Tours.
  • Recreational, Cultural & Religious Activities.
  • Adequate sports activities.

Ragging - An Avoidable Crime

Club Members

Dr. K.R. Borole
Prof. S. Bhosale
Prof. Amit Rana
Prof. V. Dixit
Prof. Aaradhana Deshmukh